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Key Medigap Reforms

There have been a few reforms that were made to ensure Medigap was working as needed. These changes have improved how the plans are laid out and what they can provide. There is a cost-sharing portion involved which enables the first $500 to go to the patient and then the rest is covered from there. This is a reform to ensure there is a balance between how the assistance is spread out. Everything is also supposed to be standardized for those who are hoping to get these plans. The features are all standardized, so there is no customization...

Open Enrollment For Medigap 2017

Every year, there is a period in which there is “open enrollment” for those who are hoping to sign up for a new plan. This is critical for those who are either not covered already and are hoping to change the plan they have. When will this open enrollment period begin for 2017? It will commence on October 15, 2016, to December 7, 2016. This will give people enough time to make a decision about what direction they want to take. Looking through all of the nine plans is essential for those who are making a choice....
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